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  • by: Joyner Lucas
  • Tracks: (6)
  • Year: 2019
  • Genre: Hip Hop
  • Added by: Hezekiah

“ADHD” is the titular track and the sixth promotional single off of Joyner Lucas' upcoming album, ADHD. The track was rumored to feature legendary Detroit rapper Eminem, but upon the song’s release to streaming services the track was a solo track from Lucas.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (abbreviated ADHD) is a medical disorder that impacts a person’s ability to pay attention and control their emotions/urges. As of 2019, it affects over 17 million people in the United States and is typically treatable.

Lucas speaks all over the track about his struggles with the mental disorder and how it affects his daily life. Joyner discussed his experiences with the disability and the detractors he faced along the road to success in an October 2018 Facebook post:

When I was a kid I was diagnosed with “ADHD”.. they said I was aggressive, fidgety, hyperactive, impulsive, etc… they tried to put me on meds. Everyone around me including my own parents made me feel like I wasn’t normal. I had to constantly see a doctor who made me take tests and all that. They separated me from the regular kids in school and put me in these classes away from everyone. I never felt like anything was wrong with me other than the fact I was just different and misunderstood. Every school I went to received a IEP, (which is a special folder with all my “ADHD” information), so they can repeat the process all over again. It was basically no different than wearing a sticker on your shirt that said “inmate”. I was judged by other students & even teachers. They spoke to me as if I was stupid and less intelligent than everyone else. In middle/ high school I was put in behavior disorder classes for my entire years attended. That consisted of 1 room away from everyone with a bunch of teens who had various types of behavior and learning issues. It was no different than being in solitary confinement. Eventually I would act out which led to me being expelled and sent to a alternative school. I can’t even count how many times I have been told that I wouldn’t amount to anything. Creating music was and always has been my only therapy. It’s the only way I ever knew how to express myself. I was tired of being cut off every time i spoke or had a opinion.. I figured if I made music then you would have no choice but to listen to me and hear me out. This project is my big FUCK YOU to any and everybody who never thought I wouldn’t make it this far. My big FUCK YOU to anybody who has ever stood in my way. My big FUCK YOU to anybody who ever shitted on me on my way up. That goes to family, friends, enemies, ex girls, teachers, principals, police, judges, or anybody who told me I wouldn’t get here. The kid with “ADHD” did it. 🖕🏽